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Heated & Cooling Neck Wrap

Heated & Cooling Neck Wrap

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Pain Relaxing

Neck Wrap provides gentle pressure and calming warmth to ease stressed shoulders and nurture your neck. Take a time-out from your day for a break you can enjoy anywhere. Whenever your shoulders could use a little love, this weighted, heated neck wrap mimics deep-pressure touch to soothe your muscles and help you unwind. It's filled with natural clay beads, which are able to retain either warmth or cold. Just pop the whole wrap in its protective bag, stick it in the microwave or freezer, and drape it over your shoulders: It's heaven.

Reversible, cozy comfort

A smooth reversible fabric cover retains warmth and protects skin for a relaxing, restful experience.

Earth friendly

All-natural clay beads gather moisture from the air and radiate heat for long-lasting warmth and light pressure-point stimulation.

Easy and safe to use

Use the protective included bag to heat in the microwave for wearable warmth, or freeze for a soothing, cool sensation.

Simple, everyday Self-Care

Nurture your body with pleasant warmth and comfort with your new favorite heated neck wrap - for calming relief anywhere, anytime.

For Heating Therapy:

  • Place the Neck Wrap in the microwave in the included cotton bag for 60 seconds at max power (1,000W). Make sure any other microwave functions are turned off
  • Heating therapy reduces stress and tensions throughout the body, creating a natural comfort and relief state. Can be placed directly on skin as fabric cover prevents burning

For Cooling Therapy:

  • Place the Neck Wrap in the freezer for at least one hour
  • Cooling therapy is useful for hot weather, menopausal hot flashes, stress and more
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